Why Are My Brakes Shaking/Squeaking?

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Have you noticed that your brakes shake or squeak as you drive around Ann Arbor? There are many causes for these sensations. Read on to learn about some common culprits of brake squeaking and brake shaking with Victory Toyota of Canton. Then, schedule service at our dealership in Canton if you need assistance diagnosing any brake problems.

Reasons Why Car Shakes When Braking

Why do cars shake when braking? Sometimes, the reason doesn’t even have to do with the brakes themselves. Consider causes such as:

  • Unbalanced wheels
  • Off-kilter front-end alignment
  • Damaged axle shaft
  • Damaged knuckle or loose control arm in steering system
  • Loose lug nuts

More often than not, though, a car shaking when braking likely stems from issues with the braking system itself. For instance, if your vehicle utilizes disc brakes, then the shaking may come from a warped or damaged rotor. Alternately, models with drum brakes may experience out-of-round drums, which cause pedal pulsation and vibration. In any case, the service center at Victory Toyota of Canton can help you to determine why your car shakes when braking.

Reasons Why Car Squeaks When Braking

Is your car emitting a squeaking sound when you brake on the Detroit roads? It’s likely that your vehicle is trying to tell you that your braking system needs attention. Often, squeaking when braking indicates that the brake pads are wearing out, or that brake discs and rotors are warped. Other times, squeaking when braking alerts you to improper installation methods when you had brake pads and pistons replaced. On occasion, though, your brakes simply need to warm up, or they are wet and rusty from rain. In these cases, the squeaking should go away in a short amount of time. However, if you believe that your vehicle squeaking while braking is cause for concern, then don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle to our dealership in Canton.

Schedule Brake Service with Victory Toyota of Canton

Do you need further assistance in figuring out why your brakes are shaking or squeaking near Dearborn? Get in touch with Victory Toyota of Canton today for guidance! We strive to provide you with the service advice you need to take proper care of your vehicle.

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