Cold Weather Battery Care

TrueStart Genuine Replacement Battery & Battery Service near Ann Arbor MI

Can't remember the last time you replaced your car's battery? A car's battery is the heart of its electrical system and a critical competent that's adversely affected by cold weather. And there’s nothing worse than a dead car battery during these cooler winter months. Not only is it frustrating and unexpected, but it can lead to unsafe situations.

That’s why we offer a Free Battery Diagnostic Test as part of our multi-point inspection. Not sure if your battery is dying?

Symptoms of a Dying Battery:

  • Slow cranking when you start vehicle
  • Clicking noises when turning the key
  • Interior lights start to dim 
  • Dashboard battery warning light stays illuminated when your vehicle is running      
  • You need to jumpstart your vehicle

TrueStart Genuine Batteries

If your vehicle is experiencing any of the above symptoms, schedule an online service appointment today for a free battery test. And if it’s time for a new one, choose a TrueStart Genuine Battery that’s backed a limited warranty.

We install only Genuine TrueStart replacement batteries, which are designed to meet your vehicle’s original specifications. So you can leave confident in the quality and fit of your new battery. Come on in and we’ll make sure you’re powered up and ready to go, too.

Schedule Battery Service today
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