2015 Toyota Corolla is America's Most Reliable Car

The 2015 Toyota Corolla -- America's most reliable car -- is available now in Canton, Michigan

The Christmas season is in full effect, and what could be better than giving the gift of a reliable car?

The 2015 Toyota Corolla is the most reliable car in America, according to CarMD's 2015 Manufacturer & Vehicle Rankings, which ranks makes and models according to the number of repairs they've needed. 

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To determine these scores, CARMD used statistically-based “check engine”-related failures and repair costs to analyze over 251,000 incidents on vehicles from model-years 1996 to 2015.

Toyota also took home the trophy for putting the most models (18) in CarMD's top 100 vehicles list, including three of the top five (2015 Toyota Corolla, 2014 Toyota Prius, 2012 Toyota Avalon).

In addition, Toyota earned the distinction of being named the No. 2 most reliable automaker, helped by a low average repair cost and low repair frequency. Toyota owners had fewer and less expensive trips to the repair shop as compared with other manufacturers. 

Test Drive a Reliable Corolla
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Source: Yahoo, CarMD
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