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Give Your Car A 'Brake' After Summer of Fun

Schedule a Brake Inspection today in Canton, Michigan

How are the dog days of summer treating your brakes? If you’ve noticed reduced performance or new noises, you’re not alone. Summer brutalizes all car parts--especially the system that stops your car.

Brake Inspection and 
Repair near Ann Arbor & Detroit MI

“Heat build-up can make a braking system less effective,” said Tony Molla, vice president of the Automotive…

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Getting Your Toyota Ready for the Summer Heat: Batteries

Learn Battery Tips at Victory Toyota serving Ann Arbor MI

Is your battery more than three years old? Has your battery outlived its warranty period? Have any warning lights come on? Has your vehicle been jump-started lately?

If the answer to any of the questions above is YES, it may be time to replace your battery. So why take chances on re-built or inferior battery products? Toyota TrueStart batteries have been approved by Toyota engineers…

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Getting Your Toyota Ready for the Summer Heat: Brakes

Learn Brake Pad Tips at Victory Toyota serving Ann Arbor MI

Excessive brake pad wear reduces braking performance, can lead to damage to the brake rotors, and further reduces stopping power and contributes to increased repair costs. So why take chances on re-built or inferior brake products? Genuine Toyota brake components help provide safety and durability, and are engineered specifically for your vehicle.

Learn a few tips by watching the video below...

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Getting Your Toyota Ready for the Summer Heat: Oil Change

Learn Oil Change Tips at Victory Toyota serving Ann Arbor MI

Nothing is more essential to your Toyota's engine than genuine Toyota motor oil that helps ensure your vehicle's engine delivers peak performance, maximum fuel economy, and outstanding outstanding reliability.

So when it comes time to schedule an oil change appointment, why go anywhere else but Victory Toyota?

ToyotaCare Center near Ann Arbor MI

Plus, with ToyotaCare, oil and filter changes are free for up to 2 years or…

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The Perfect First Car

Nothing beats the excitement of finally being able to drive to get food or hang out with your friends whenever you please. You need the right vehicle in order to complete all your daily adventures, not just any old car. The 2016 Toyota Camry is the car for you. The Camry comes in eleven amazing colors that you can’t help but fall in love with and its bold exterior catches your eye immediately. 

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Toyota Camry, Sienna named to Consumer Report's Best Cars of 2016 List

The Toyota Camry and Toyota Sienna keep earning awards in Canton, Michigan

We get it – you want to purchase the best car that you can. But what makes a car “best”?

According to the experts at Consumer Reports, being the “best” should include high performance, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety. And here at Victory Toyota, we agree!

And we're proud to announce that Toyota placed two models on Consumer Report’s Best Cars of the Year 2016 list – the Toyota Camry and Toyota Sienna.

New Toyota Camry dealer near Ann Arbor MI

The Toyota Camry – America’s best selling car...
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2015 Toyota Corolla is America's Most Reliable Car

The 2015 Toyota Corolla -- America's most reliable car -- is available now in Canton, Michigan

The Christmas season is in full effect, and what could be better than giving the gift of a reliable car?

The 2015 Toyota Corolla is the most reliable car in America, according to CarMD's 2015 Manufacturer & Vehicle Rankings, which ranks makes and models according to the number of repairs they've needed. 

New Toyota corolla dealer near Ann Arbor MI

To determine these scores, CARMD used statistically-based “check engine”-related failures and repair costs to analyz...
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How To Set Your Toyota's Clock To "Fall Back"

Don't Forget To Fall Back This Weekend In Canton, Michigan

November is quickly approaching, and you know what that means: the end of Daylight Savings Time! The time falls back an hour on November 1st at 2 a.m., so make sure to adjust your clocks before going to bed after your Halloween night festivities, or else you'll be accidentally showing up to work on Monday an hour before everyone else!

Daylight Savings Time Canton MI

Changing the…
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